Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Long weekend ... where did that go?

Well I'm afraid the long weekend was a bit of a blur. I think that I must have started feeling sick on Thurs but was trying to convince myself it was hayfever. I sneezed my way through the next few days and by Sunday was no longer able to deny that I had succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. I'm starting to feel better today but urgh, what a shocker! My face feels like someone has punched it.

However, apart from that the weekend was lovely! Had my parents here (*waves to Mum and Dad* - being part of a very small group of loyal fans haha) and we visited the Textiles Art Fair as planned. We dropped of our deposit off owls and I grabbed some wool that was kindly donated by some organisation (I've just unfortunately forgot who that was!) to make another one.  Not sure I liked the end result but everyone else seems pleased enough. It was certainly a much harder pattern than I thought it was going to be, and I had trouble working out how it was all supposed to fit together. In the end I just made my own version.  The feathers are cute though!  So here's mine (front and back)...

To give you an idea on what the original looked like - the link can be found on Nicky Epstein's web site, which you can get from the Give a Hoot facebook page here.

Mine doesn't look quite the same! I blame the flu!

I spent the rest of the weekend dosed up on cold and flu tablets and enjoying the sun when I could. The dogs were also making the most of the sun when it came shining through. They look so cosy, I'm almost jealous.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Give a hoot

In preparation for next weekend's Textile Art Fair, I've spent the day making a Jenny King "Give a Hoot" owl which is basically a donation for kids in hospital, the idea being to give the children a Guardian Owl to watch over them. It's part of the World-Wide Knit in Public Day, which I never knew existed until now. And a tad ironic as the owl is actually crocheted. But any excuse to knit and/or crochet is fine by me! 

Anyway, the pattern is really quite easy, fun to make and can be found here. I thought I'd make a couple and than I can just hand them over at the fair. But I might not get past this one as there is another busy week ahead.