Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy busy busy...

Unfortuately work has been getting in the road of my blogging lately! Here's an update on what I've been up to over the last couple of months.

1. Crochet squares - lots of them!  Pingu bought me a lovely book for my birthday and I was inspired by Carissa's work, so of course am now drowning in unfinished rugs. Oops! Still they're lots of fun and they'll be finished one day. So here's a sample...


2. Dolls - I finally started the rather cute (albeit slighty politically incorrect!) "Mr Dappper" which I got from Katins Designs. I've managed to get the face done and clothes cut out. I was quite happy with the face, given that it's the first time I've done machine applique.


3. Fascinators - one very overdue project (was supposed to finished for races season  - oops again!). That was lots of fun, and I think with a bit of practice could be quite a successful hobby.  Certainly didn't cost anywhere NEAR as much to make as what they sell for! And lots of fun to make!

And of course there are sundry projects for babies - but I don't have pictures for those. Will have to post them later!