Saturday, April 23, 2011

Final dolls

Well - here are the finalised 'Graham dolls'. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the bunny... but that's life. So now I'm having a bit of a craft brain freeze, I have too many things to finish and not sure which to tackle first!  Probably tomorrow will be a sewing day though, as I haven't had one of those in a while. And I would like to get my quilt cushions finished.

Course I may just stay in bed with a book!

Friday, April 22, 2011

One down....

Three to go. Busy busy busy!


I have been a very slack blogger. Bad me! (as opposed to 'my bad', an expression that I just cannot, CANNOT, stand!).

In honour of the 5 day weekend that lies ahead, I have decided (with some encouragement of my learned colleague J!) that I shall give myself a 5 day challenge.  So I hereby forthwith declare this weekend PJ easter.  I will wear my PJs for the whole 5 days.  I will wear my PJs until they are so smelly that I must change them, and then I will change into another set of PJs.  I will wear my PJs until I am so sick of PJs that I never want to wear PJs again!  The only exception I will make is when I have to leave the house to drop eggs off / shop and then I will wear tracky dackies, which as far as I'm concerned equate to PJs anyway.

Well............ I'll at least stay in my PJs this morning ;-)

And now, I must return to the dolls which are really very nearly complete! Watch this space...

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I think that I should be banned from Spotlight. Either that, or be given a special VIP card - one that says "this customer has a problem - treat her with extra special care!"  However, addictions aside, I did have fun with my latest wool purchase. I found a very lovely pattern book (yes I know I don't need those, but hey - I didn't need the wool either!) and this is the colour scheme I have for a baby's blanket for the birth of my brother's 3rd child.  It covers all gender possibilities, I think.

So yes, despite not really needing to purchase this, it's a good project as the pattern is made of small crocheted squares that have a coloured circle in the middle and an edge in cream. And it's a good train activity. Plus the advantage of making squares is that if I do get distracted, as I'm prone to doing now and then, I can make it a pram blanket rather than a full one.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday hurrah!

I do love Fridays. They are a much better day than Tuesdays. Fridays have promise!

Though this evening was a bit unfortunate as poor Pingu fell over and is now limping around like the old man I'm sure I was meant to marry. I don't know how I'm going to get him to slave in the garden now!

Anyway it was still a lovely evening (up till the injury part, that is) and I do love West End, it reminds me so much of Lismore. Course I also hate West End as it reminds me of Lismore. But now I'm quite looking forward to going home and watching a movie, of which I have a few! And knitting. Knitting is always good for the soul. Or the arthritis. Probably both.

Current project #765 is unpicking and re-knitting a jumper for a former neighour. I said I'd do that last April but wound up with some weird gastric thing, so promptly forgot that project and it's been sitting around ever since. I've done the unpacking part which was really unpleasant, so now able to do the fun part.

So that's the end of my week. Who knows what next week will bring!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh and...

It is a Tuesday! Need I say more!

Crappy day

Today was one of those days for reasons that cannot be stated, lest they turn around and bite me on the backside. Suffice it to say, I wish I was in some other space. One that didn't involve work.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hurrah I finished something! I swear this is the year of finishing projects.  And this blog will be my evidence!

I started this little project at the craft expo, where I did a workshop on sashuki.  Most of the stitching was finished in the workshop, and I finished the rest the next morning. It is without a doubt the easiest stitching I've done! And looks very effective.

Course than I had to actually sew it into the coaster it was supposed to be, so it sat on the sewing desk for a while. (I really hate finishing!) Anyway, I forced myself to finish it this morning. Course that also meant that I made a mistake (yes, I somehow mananged to sew the lining on the outside!) and that made finishing all the more painful. But it's done now, and I'm well proud of myself.

Now all I have to do is finish the few hundred other things I have lying around.... hrmmm.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lifeless blobs

Ok - here's what I'm working on at the moment....

I'm really into stuffed toys at the moment. Probably due to lack of small children in my life. However, my grown children are getting these whether they like it or not!  The best part of making toys is watching how they turn from lifeless blobs to unique characters. And never by plan!!  I don't think I've made anything that ever turned out the way I pictured it to turn out.

Watch this space... I'll put the finished products up when done.