Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday hurrah!

I do love Fridays. They are a much better day than Tuesdays. Fridays have promise!

Though this evening was a bit unfortunate as poor Pingu fell over and is now limping around like the old man I'm sure I was meant to marry. I don't know how I'm going to get him to slave in the garden now!

Anyway it was still a lovely evening (up till the injury part, that is) and I do love West End, it reminds me so much of Lismore. Course I also hate West End as it reminds me of Lismore. But now I'm quite looking forward to going home and watching a movie, of which I have a few! And knitting. Knitting is always good for the soul. Or the arthritis. Probably both.

Current project #765 is unpicking and re-knitting a jumper for a former neighour. I said I'd do that last April but wound up with some weird gastric thing, so promptly forgot that project and it's been sitting around ever since. I've done the unpacking part which was really unpleasant, so now able to do the fun part.

So that's the end of my week. Who knows what next week will bring!


Pingu said...

Hmmm well I hear your husband has recovered and is totally, and I mean TOTALLY AWESOME! Pingu outties

Cath Bx said...

Yes dear.. totally ;-)