Saturday, April 9, 2011


I think that I should be banned from Spotlight. Either that, or be given a special VIP card - one that says "this customer has a problem - treat her with extra special care!"  However, addictions aside, I did have fun with my latest wool purchase. I found a very lovely pattern book (yes I know I don't need those, but hey - I didn't need the wool either!) and this is the colour scheme I have for a baby's blanket for the birth of my brother's 3rd child.  It covers all gender possibilities, I think.

So yes, despite not really needing to purchase this, it's a good project as the pattern is made of small crocheted squares that have a coloured circle in the middle and an edge in cream. And it's a good train activity. Plus the advantage of making squares is that if I do get distracted, as I'm prone to doing now and then, I can make it a pram blanket rather than a full one.

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Judith said...

That is a very pretty purpley pink colour!