Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well having had myself confirmed - my darling Pingu bought me flowers.  Though 'darling' and Pingu don't seem to go together in a sentence....

Anyway, after that I had a lovely weekend in Lismore and finished the amigurumi cat I was working on. The pattern was from a book, but the colour scheme was cooked up by my niece, who wound up being the owner of this one. It was a bit of a pose though, as you can see from the pics!

And the other success I've had this week is my African Violet, which is flurishing and flowering! Who said I killed every plant I touch (yeah, yeah, I know I didn't have much luck with lemon grass blah blah blah). Anyway, I feel quite domestic when I look at that plant. Good thing I didn't take a pic of the rest of the house!

On a completely different note - I wish I could figure out how to get pics uploaded to this blog by my iPad. That would make life MUCH easier.  And now.. I must crash!

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Pingudahling said...

Pingu and Dahhhhling go poifickly together woman!!!!