Sunday, February 26, 2012

Well there goes another weekend!

I did, however, have quite a productive and pleasant weekend! First I had to attend to the Friday Block of the Week, so did my four blocks of Week 2.

Then I started the blocks for the group swap I've just joined - loving that as I'm getting to use patterns from the 200 blocks book that Pingu bought me last year. The rules of the swap are 6" blocks, all one colour each, so that means I don't have to fiddle with changing colour and sewing in ends (which I HATE doing). I'm having a lot of fun with the colours too!

In between crocheting blocks, and wishing I was in SA with Mum for her birthday, Pingu and I went out to celebrate the arrival of my text book and his CD. And I had a lovely craft day with Car.
Finished the weekend off by watching "The Fugitive" for the 500th time, which is much better than crying my way through "I Am Sam" (which is what I did last week). And I'm all set to start working my way through Dworkin's theory this week. I will NOT stay glued to the TV listening to politics and/or the Academy Awards, no matter how tempting that may be!

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