Monday, March 12, 2012


Well it's been a busy weekend! Pingu and I took the camper van for our first road trip and found ourselves a nice quiet spot under the mountains to test our camping skills*.

After some fiddling, and a few frantic ph calls to Dad (which was quite lucky as the signal completely dropped out about an hour after we'd finished!) we found ourselves with a nice little home for the weekend.

And Pingu got to settle in while I took the 'evidence' pictures :)

And we had lovely open space and trees and mountains to look at ...

....while just sitting around and 'being' (well apart from the odd flicking off of blow flies here and there, that is!)

All in all, a successful trip was had!

On the craft front, I received a lovely book from Pingu and think that I will make one of these for the step-daughter's easter bundle. Not a traditional present, but something I think she'd love. I had a more traditional bunny in mind but might make that for the daughter and/or son.

And I also received my very first bundle of swap squares! Most exciting event.

Now, I must return to the exciting task of unpacking Dworkin's theory of equality! Doesn't get better than that.... (ok well maybe it does!).  Happy Monday-itis!

* skills might be stretching it a bit!

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Pingu! said...

We need some anti March fly repellent for next camping trip!