Sunday, March 6, 2011


Poor dead blog. I hope I can breathe life into you again. Though you were barely alive to begin with!

2011 is the year of completed projects. Because I just looked at my completed to started project ratio, and it's a pretty poor effort! I will commit to completing my projects by posting here. Well, I'll at least aim for 1 completed to every 10 started. That seems reasonable. And while I'm at it, I will keep the house clean (or at least, I'll try to clean it once a month). And I will lose weight (which means I'll at least try to eat more vegies). And I will remember to blog (assuming, of course, I can remember how to use this thing). And I WILL make progress on that darn SJD (filing papers constitutes progress, doesn't it??).

Blogging done. So that's a good start!


Pingu! said...

Very nice - an SJD is nothing like an STD is it? I don't wanna have to get a shot or nuthin....

Cath B said...

My first comment! And looks like I'm going to need to moderate already... ;-)