Monday, August 6, 2012

Outburst over

Well now that I've managed to get over my momentary vent at cyberland, I'll share the more pleasant aspects of my week :)  Well actually the week was really ordinary, as has been the last month or so. But yesterday I simply refused to acknowledge the ever-mounting pile of work (which I have to say I'm not enjoying one little bit!) and took the day off. I had the most luxurious sleep in that I've had in .. oh forever!! Then set about cleaning the craft projects up so that I could tackle my first Art of Quilting block.  I subscribed to the magazine because I really would like to learn how to quilt. I've managed a cushion so far with much learned assistance of my mother (see my much earlier post) but hadn't got back to it. I feel quite inspired now and the block by block approach works well for me. So here's the first block!

It's not perfect (and yes, I have managed to get some of those pattern fabric pieces upside down) but I'm really happy with the result. And most importantly, I had so much fun! I have some lovely pink bits of material to make a baby cot cover quilt and think that I'll use this pattern. It's simple and effective. And most importantly It's a pattern I can manage! I think I'm going to enjoy learning how to quilt.

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