Saturday, January 12, 2013

New years resolutions

This year I made only one new years resolution - that was to finish more projects than I begin. I have a number of nearly finished projects to work my way through but of course kick started the year with a new project... oops. 

But that's ok because I DID finish it!  I made the parents a small stained glass quilt. I was quite happy with it in the end, but don't look too closely at it.  

The fun part was tracing the design and putting colours together.

The not so fun part was putting all the bias binding around edges to give the stained glass effect.  I think it was at about this stage I started calling the frog some really bad names. Poor frog.

However, as I said - I was quite happy with the end result despite the flaws. And more importantly it is FINISHED! Huzzah!

I'm looking forward to more quilting this year. Though maybe when it cools off a bit as my sewing room is a just bleah at the moment.


Skipper said...

That looks awesome!!! Well done!

Cath Bx said...

Thanks :) I really enjoyed making it!