Friday, August 9, 2013

This evening's blog post is bought to you by necessity. I am being held captive to the 10 min blog promise. However, as I have simply no brain cells left (yes, sleep deprivation strikes again!) then I will simply ramble on about nothing until the 10 mins are up.

Anyway this evening I celebrated the 50th birthday of a very dear but not always so near friend of mine that I have known since the dreaded teen years. In fact, I think that she's probably one of the few friends I have since high school. And it was a lovely night. Such a lovely way to end what has been a very trying week. Well, month.  Just what I needed given how deflated I'm feeling of late.

So this blog post is not overly interesting reading, and has taken me a surprisingly long time to write. And I still don't quite know how to end. But I have at least managed to do my time.


Grasshopper said...

Thumbs up - 5 more and you get your Gold Star Gangnam style!

Robert Paulsom said...

:( you stopped

Cath Bx said...

I realised I had nothing to say!